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Our mission is to build community, offer tools and resources to increase resiliency, and empower highly sensitive people. We are glad you found us!  

Whether you are a creative, an empath, an intuitive, an artist, or just a highly sensitive human being experiencing the world on a deeper level, we want you to know we have your back. As fellow highly sensitive people, we have experienced feelings of overwhelm, depletion, and burn out when we are over-scheduled and overstimulated. What we have learned is that the ability to experience life fully, give endless compassion, and intuit the needs of others or the energy of a room is a beautiful gift that requires care and awareness. If you're wondering if you have these traits, it may be helpful to explore them further. Click here to take the test.

Being highly sensitive means that you process things more deeply. You are more aware of subtleties than others. In other words, at any given moment, you are taking in more information--from your environment, from those around you and from your own internal experience. So it's understandable that you can get overwhelmed or overstimulated more easily than others, especially if the situation is intense, chaotic, or complex.

Dr. Elaine Aron popularized the term highly sensitive person (HSP) when she began researching the trait and published The Highly Sensitive Person in the 1990s. Since then, Dr. Aron has published a number of other resources and many others have followed in her footsteps. It is our hope to continue to educate our community and support highly sensitive people in reclaiming their trait as an incredible gift--both for themselves and for our culture as a whole. The world needs you!




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