We are thrilled to be working with and supporting people who feel deeply and experience the world through a lens of compassion. As therapists and community members, we have both experienced the feelings of overwhelm, depletion, and intense sensory stimulation that can happen for sensitive people and we are committed to developing and sharing new strategies and resources to increase self-care for sensitive people, create comfortable connection in the our communities, and provide information on navigating sensitivity in our society.

Elizabeth is a mental health therapist in Asheville, NC. In her private practice, Heirloom Counseling, she supports individuals and couples utilizing an attachment-based, relationship-focused framework. Her goal in her practice is to support her clients in creating healthy relationships with themselves and others. Elizabeth supports people navigating major life transitions including pregnancy and birth, exploration of gender identity and sexuality, entering or leaving relationships, and challenging family dynamics.

Laura is also a mental health therapist in Asheville, NC.  In her practice, she integrates more traditional process oriented therapy and somatic approaches, weaving in neuroscience and mindfulness, to support individuals in bringing their systems back into balance.  She loves supporting people in navigating anxiety, stress, self-worth issues, relationship challenges, and life transitions. Her approach is grounded in the awareness that we are all oriented towards wholeness and that ultimately, we already have everything we need.

To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate.                -Anthon St. Maarten